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4 Ways Cloud Security Is Changing and What You Need To Do Now

A recent Gartner study says that in the next three years, cloud-based security breaches will cost companies $1 trillion. That's enough to affect the entire economy and make you think twice about how your business is securing its data. But don't worry, this article has plenty of tips for you to secure your company's data before disaster strikes!

4 Ways Cloud Security Is Changing

Cyber security is a growing concern for many people. The concerns are increased with the fact that more and more people are accessing personal information through their phones and computers every day. As a result, cyber criminals have found ways to exploit these devices and steal information. This has created a need for encryption when storing personal data online. The first way that cloud security has changed is with stricter encryption requirements. Companies can't store your data unless it is encrypted with software like 256-bit AES or higher. All of your data must be encrypted before it is uploaded to the cloud for storage. The company will then store the keys on servers so they can access your data if needed.Along with new encryption requirements, there has been an increase in identity verification technology like biometric sensors and multi-factor authentication. These technologies make it harder to hack your account because they require you to enter different pieces of sensitive information to log in rather than just one password like before.Finally, many companies are also implementing Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs). These tools monitor traffic between users and the CASB which monitors the chosen cloud service providers as well as user behavior. This means users will have better protection against malicious activity in real time rather than waiting days

The Risks of Data in the Cloud

With cloud computing, the data is stored on a remote server. This makes it more difficult to keep your information secure because you don't have control over where it's being stored. Data can be accessed by others who have the right credentials. However, there are many precautions you can take to protect yourself: change the default username and password, avoid using someone else's credentials (even if they're a friend), make sure confidential information is encrypted, and limit the amount of personal information you store in the cloud.

What You Need to Do Now

Cloud computing is the use of a network to store and process information. As technology advances, more people are using cloud storage to keep their data safe. Cloud security is evolving as well. To protect your data, you need to know the latest in cloud security. There are a few things that you can do right now to make sure your data stays safe on the cloud. One way is by encrypting your data so that it cannot be accessed if someone hacks into the system. You should also have a backup plan in place for times when you or the cloud provider experiences an outage.

How Data is Secured in the Cloud

When data is stored on a cloud, it needs to be secured. The first step is to encrypt the data before it's uploaded to the cloud. If a hacker gains access to the file, they won't be able to read it because of encryption. Besides encryption, there are other ways that data in the cloud is secured. For example, each file can be set with certain permissions that let users know who can and cannot access it. In addition, some providers monitor their networks for unusual activity.


The cloud is making it easier for people to access their information. It's also more accessible to businesses and employees because they can get the information anywhere. Because this accessibility is necessary, more security measures are being used. For example, with a bit of code in place, sensitive data can be encrypted when it's stored on the cloud or shared with another company. Another important thing that business owners need to do is provide every employee with a unique password. This will prevent someone from using an employee's password to access confidential information.



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4 Ways Cloud Security Is Changing and What You Need To Do Now

A recent Gartner study says that in the next three years, cloud-based security breaches will cost companies $1 trillion.