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Cisco SDWAN Training

The Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) v2.0 course trains you to design, deploy, configure, and manage your Cisco® Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution in a large-scale live network, including how to migrate from legacy WAN to SD-WAN. You will learn best practices for configuring routing protocols in the data center and the branch, as well as how to implement advanced control, data, and application-aware policies.

Duration: 32 Hours | Fee- Rs 15000+GST 18%

What are pre-requisite of this progam?

Candidate should have good knowledge till CCNA and CCNP Level before taking SDWAN classes.

Daywise Schedule

Lecture 1: Introduction to SD-WAN

    Overview of Cisco SD-WAN Architecture
    Advantages of SD-WAN
    SD-WAN components
    Concepts of SD-WAN Underlay and Overlay

Lecture 2: Manage and Monitor SD-WAN Components

    Creation of SD-WAN topology on Virtual Environment
    Understanding of Enterprise Certificate Exchange theory
    Commissioning & Initialization of vManage
    Commissioning & Initialization of vBond

Lecture 3: Full Lab Setup

    Commissioning & Initialization of vSmart
    Commissioning & Initialization of vEdge
    Commissioning & Initialization of cedge
    Registration of SD-WAN components with vManage

Lecture 4: Understanding the Concept of Templates

    Templates Overview
    Templates Types (Feature, Device)
    Configuring VPN Templates
    Configuring Transport VPN Template
    Configuring Service VPN Template
    Configuring Management VPN Template
    Configuring Interface Templates
    Configuring System Templates
    Configuring static and dynamic routing Templates

Lecture 5: Understanding the SD-WAN Overly Routing (OMP) 

    Overview of OMP
    OMP Route Advertisements
    OMP Route Redistributing
    Configuring and verifying overly Routing

Lecture 6: Understanding of Localized and Centralized Policies 

    Policy Overview
    Control Policy Overview
    Data Policy Overview
    Implementation and redistribution of OSPF/BGP in Service
    VPN Implementation of policies for hub and spoke topology
    Implementation of TE for SD-WAN

Lecture 7 Advanced Features for SD-WAN

    Implementation of NAT (Direct Internet Access) in SD-WAN
    Implementation of QoS for SD-WAN
    Describe Cloud-based SD-WAN
    Implementation of TLOC Extensions
    Describe SD-WAN to Non-SD-WAN sites communication

Lecture 8: Advanced Features for SD-WAN

    Implementation of TLOC Extensions
    Describe SD-WAN to Non-SD-WAN sites communication

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