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Networking Masters Course

Nov 08, 2021


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Networking Course

Nov 22, 2021


Networking course with 100% placement for 10+2/ITI/ Polytechnic or art graduates. This program is taught by some of the best industry experts who are also teaching high end courses like CCIE. Over 400+ companies recruit from NETWORKERS HOME so this could be your Golden ticket to a career in Networking industry.

Hardware and Networking is the most demanding career area among the young ones. Hardware & Networking is the utmost paying & fastest growing domain in the IT sector.

Computer Hardware is the amalgamation of physical components or parts that creates the computer system. Physical components like monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, graphic card, RAM, motherboard, etc.

Networking in the field of computer science that permits computers to transfer data or information. Data can be transferred either using cable media or wireless media.

Program Scope

  • 100% placement

  • Millions of jobs in IT Industry

  • Good starting salary

  • Opportunity to settle in big Cities

  • Upgrade opportunity to earn upto 30 Lakhs with CCIE kind of certifications

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Extensive use of computers, laptops, desktops, mobiles, and the internet in private and government institutions increases the need for hardware and networking professionals.

There are great career opportunities and jobs in the field of hardware and networking. There is a great use of computers in colleges, schools, organizations, hospitals, banks, etc. Companies in hardware manufacturing, system design, software development requires professionals who are well-informed in this field.

Where hardware professionals are required?

Computer hardware professionals & network administrators are needed in IT and web hosting companies. At present, the IT sector gaining popularity and due to this improvement in the IT sector, lucrative job opportunities are available in private & public organizations.

What's the fee for the program?

Total program fee is Rs 50000+GST however till Feb 2022 we are offering Rs 40K+GST.

How is this program comparing to other placement programs @ NETWORKERS HOME ?

Different programs are designed for different skillset. This program is designed for students who are not yet graduate so salary will be much lower if compared to high end programs like CCIE Enterprise integrated or CCIE Security integrated. Program fee for high end CCIE program is around 2 Lakhs while this Networking course fee is Rs 40000+ GST only.

Job Titles of computer hardware engineers:

Based on the qualification & technical experience, one can be designated at different positions. Job profiles for Computer hardware & networking professionals are given below:

1. Design Engineer

2. Systems Engineer

3. Systems Integration Engineer

4. Field Service Engineer

5. Project Engineer

Job Titles in Networking is as follows:

• System administrator

• Network Engineer

• Technical Support

• IT administrator

• Network administrator

• Security Database development and administration

Unbeatable Placement Record

Learn real technology from Industry Leaders

The requirement of CCIE certified engineers in the networking industry is huge. Keeping the stated fact in mind, there would hardly be an effect of recession on the holders of esteemed CCIE certification.

For IT giants- government or private – there is an immense requirement of properly built, implemented and highly secured Networks. Any disturbance in the network or even a little hindrance can cause huge losses. Whole economy gets affected and comes to a standstill in that case. Hence, network specialists have become inevitable in IT companies. That’s how one can say that CCIE is a ladder to a secure and high end career in India and around the world

Keeping in mind the fact that the Expert CCIE Security certified professionals are the highest paid IT professionals. The fact is that even for Fresher the salary packages are quite attractive. So, if you are conscious of choosing a career based on this fact? Rest assured of a bright future by bagging the hard earned certification of CCIE Security.

  • CCIE Certified Instructors

  • Online and On Campus Rack Access

  • 22 Awards of Excellence in 13 Years

  • Online Learning portal for 24*7 Access

  • Top CCIE Results

  • All devices as per latest Exam blueprint


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