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Cloud Masters

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Cloud Masters

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Cloud Masters

Apr 12, 2021


Learn technologies of tomorrow that can give you an edge over competitors. We have created a unique combination of Cloud technologies and Cloud security practices. Cloud Masters takes you into the Deep dive world of cloud computing with real projects.

The candidate should have good English communication skills in order to seek placement although multiple placement sessions are organized. Minimum graduate candidates can apply for admission. We don't offer placement for undergraduates at this time. The program fee has been reduced to Rs 85K+GST due to Covid's impact. Join 100% Placement assured programs at India's top training company.

Program Scope

  • Top Level Networking Jobs

  • 4 -10 Lakhs as fresher

  • 12-20 Lakhs as 5-10 Years experienced engineer

  • Further your career by doing Multiple CCIE's

  • Aim for bigger Opportunities in International jobss

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What is Cloud Masters Program and scope ?

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about IT trends today. This is because of the fact that cloud computing has helped several enterprises to save money while adding to the convenience of the users. The word'Cloud'refers to the widespread internet, which means Cloud Computing is an internet based computing where services are delivered to the users via internet.

What exactly is Cloud Computing?

It s a type of computing which involves sharing of computer resources rather than using local servers or dedicated devices for processing. In simple words, it is the process of storing frequently used data on multiple servers which could be accessed by using the Internet. Various services like servers, storage and applications are provided to the user s computing devices via Internet. Some good examples of using Cloud are:

  • Dropbox - An online storage providing 2 GB of free storage to the users.
  • Google - Letting the users to create documents and calendars for free.

Need of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now becoming a business standard. It simplifies the user s accessibility. It provides a virtual storage space to the user which could be used without bothering about the details of the entire mechanism. Here are some other reasons why every enterprise might need cloud computing for their business:

  • Cost savings - Cloud computing removes the requirement of a company to invest in storage hardware and servers.
  • Focusing on the business -Since all the services will execute over the internet, a company does not have to bother about technical issues and other problems associated with physical storage and backup. A company can thus focus more on their core business.
  • Performance - It delivers reliable performance irrespective to the geographical location of the user. Another key feature could be the automatic updating of services and applications.
  • Security - Cloud Computing offers optimum security which protects you against any unauthorized access, modification and loss of data.
  • Flexibility - Even if part of the cloud environment fails or stops working, the other resources continue to work until the problem is fixed.

What is exclusive about Cloud Masters Program at NH ?

All our programs are backed by a Strong placement cell. This is perhaps the most unique thing about our placement programs.You will be given an opportunity to appear for over 200 companies database associated with us . Other strong points about this program are the diverse range of technologies being covered like AWS, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure. Also AWS multiple high-level certifications are covered.

Unbeatable Placement Record

Learn real technology from Industry Leaders

The requirement of CCIE certified engineers in the networking industry is huge. Keeping the stated fact in mind, there would hardly be an effect of recession on the holders of esteemed CCIE certification.

For IT giants- government or private – there is an immense requirement of properly built, implemented and highly secured Networks. Any disturbance in the network or even a little hindrance can cause huge losses. Whole economy gets affected and comes to a standstill in that case. Hence, network specialists have become inevitable in IT companies. That’s how one can say that CCIE is a ladder to a secure and high end career in India and around the world

Keeping in mind the fact that the Expert CCIE Security certified professionals are the highest paid IT professionals. The fact is that even for Fresher the salary packages are quite attractive. So, if you are conscious of choosing a career based on this fact? Rest assured of a bright future by bagging the hard earned certification of CCIE Security.

  • CCIE Certified Instructors

  • Online and On Campus Rack Access

  • 22 Awards of Excellence in 13 Years

  • Online Learning portal for 24*7 Access

  • Top CCIE Results

  • All devices as per latest Exam blueprint


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