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Cyber Security Scope in India

What is cyber security ?

Cyber security is about protecting networks, computers, and data from criminals. It's a growing field that needs to be more robust in response to the spread of technology and increased vulnerability.Cyber security analysts are experts who figure out how to protect systems by identifying risks and figuring out how to prevent them. They use different tools and methods, such as firewalls or antivirus software.Criminals often try to break into networks by guessing passwords or tricking people into revealing information. To help stop these kinds of attacks, cybersecurity analysts can design cleverly designed traps called honeypots that lure the attacker away from valuable information without damaging any data.

Cyber Security Roles and Job Scopes in India

India is seeing a rapid growth in the Cyber Security market and can be classified as one of global leaders in the Cyber Security space. Approximately 3.8 million people, both Indian and global professionals, work in this domain today and more people are joining every year. There are new job opportunities opening up on a regular basis, due to the demand for skilled professionals across emerging technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics and IoT security. These new jobs are mainly in technical departments including cyber-defense, system infrastructure design and development, user interface design and development, coaching of cyber security engineering teams, etc. If you are a young professional seeking to carve out a career in Cyber Security, there is no better time than now.The Cyber Security domain has grown into a cross-disciplinary field with various specializations. There is increasing demand for innovative and creative ideas from the industry that can be used to respond to evolving threats. The focus of security professionals is shifting from protecting against known attacks to finding new ways of preventing unknown threats. It is also important for companies to have an idea how to recover quickly from attacks and data breaches. These, in turn, require professionals to have a better understanding of the industry, its challenges and areas which can be tapped for innovation. There is a strong need for more skilled workforce to meet these growing demands. Young professionals are well poised to face the challenge as they bring in new ideas, fresh thoughts and innovative approaches.

Cyber Security Jobs in India Trends, Salary and Requirements

Cyber security jobs in India are in high demand and the sector is on a fast growth trend. The Cyber Security Council of India (CSCI) forecasts that by 2019, the cyber security industry would be worth $4.5 billion in revenue.In the recent years, investments have been made to bolster cyber security infrastructure and awareness levels by various government agencies, business houses and startups. The government has also launched several initiatives to protect the country from cyber security threats. For example, iSPIRT has rolled out a Cyber Security and Privacy framework that will help companies to comply with data privacy and security laws.With more than 30 percent of internet users in India expected to be using mobile devices by 2019, the demand for mobile app developers is also on the rise. The Indian IT industry , which largely comprises of outsourcing, has been facing stiff competition from other countries such as China and Philippines.