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The Scope of Cisco CCIE Certification in India

Only Networking certification which can take your career to 50 Lakhs package

What is a Cisco CCIE?

Cisco Certified Internet Expert, or CCIE, is the highest certification offered by Cisco Systems. The CCIE is an expert-level qualification that tests IT professionals in networking. It covers numerous areas of expertise and requires a lot of preparation. Limited seats around the world for 1 day lab exams for this reason, many people choose to take the CCIE exam outside of their own country as no seats available. People even go to USA to give exam as cisco provides official visa letter to each candidate taking CCIE Lab exam. For many years now, Cisco has been the go-to IT certification program for professionals in the field of networking. With a CCIE certification, you get recognition as an expert in security, routing and switching,datacenter or collaboration etc and much more. Read on to find out how you can become certified with Cisco CCIE!.

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CCIE - King of IT Certifications

The CCIE certification is one of the most prestigious certifications that engineers can obtain. Aside from being an indication of the engineer's technical knowledge, it is also an indication of the engineer's experience. Cisco CCIE certified engineers are highly sought after and well-compensated in the business world. The certification not only ensures that engineers have learned all the topics to pass, but also guarantees them to be experts in these fields. Few reasons why CCIE is in so much demand
1. Most Expensive exam- Yes Single day CCIE Lab exam cost is USD 2200 which comes to around 1.50 Lakhs in Indian currency.2. Limited exam locations: CCIE exam is conducted in very limited locations in the world which means only limited people can give exam. 3. India Location- In India, Cisco has only one exam location(Bangalore) and only 10 candidates max can give exam and exams are not conducted on sat/sunday and public holidays.4. Covid impact- Almost 2 years due to covid, worldwide exam locations were closed and not even a single person could take CCIE exam so demand and supply mismatch is very big. 

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How NH beats the competitors in placement ?

NH has a unique strategy. Students from NH's training programs are placed in top companies with no certification requirements whatsoever. This masterstroke allows students to start their career without the need for even CCNA level certification, and receive up to 3-17 lakhs in compensation packages from NH partners. As we understand student is already paying over 1.20 Lakhs for training, we are not charging anything from companies for hiring from us, but our condition is companies have to accept the candidates without any certification requirements. Yes this masterstroke means not even CCNA level exam is required to seek placement in our 200+ Top MNC and over 5000+ partners jobs offering 3.5 to 17 Lakhs package to candidates without a single certification.The average salary for a CCIE is different from the average salary of a network engineer with experience. Entry-level Network Engineers can earn Rs.3-8 Lakhs per annum, whereas CCIE-certified professionals will earn about Rs 8-20 lakhs per year.

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Is the CCIE Exam difficult?

The CCIE exam has been given to over 65000 people worldwide. In 2017 there were 9,783 people who passed the exam and became CCIE certified. This is a difficult exam as less than 2% of those who take it pass. The knowledge needed to pass the exam is very vast and technical. The average person will need three to four years of experience in their field before they are ready for the exam.


Cisco CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) Certification is a prestigious certification that is internationally recognized in the computer networking field. In India, this certification is not very well-known. However, there are many advantages of having this certification. The first is that it makes an individual more competitive in the job market. Another advantage is that it improves an employee's knowledge and skills. For example, Cisco CCIE certified professionals have a deep understanding of network design, deployment and troubleshooting on all levels of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Some crazy facts

We would also like to share some unexpected and crazy facts with our student community. Here are some facts1. Over 10% of students working over 1 Crore package2. 20% students got opportunity to work internationally. HCL has sent highest number of Networking professionals on H1B visa.3. 10 Years experience mostly donot work in india as international jobs market is huge for experienced CCIE's. 4. CCIE students package beat students spending 30-50 Lakhs in foreign degrees which still donot ensure 100% jobs.